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Week 14 (8th - 12th Jan)

Monday 8th February


Tuesday 9th February


Wednesday 10th February


Thursday 11th February


Friday 12th February

These are all paintings made from paint-water, the kind that is used to clean brushes and not given much attention to for any other purpose. This almost feels like it's becoming a recurring theme in my work, giving attention to things otherwise overlooked. I think it's a chain reaction: one overlooked thing is given the spotlight, and it passes it onto another overlooked thing, which passes it onto another overlooked thing, etc. In this instance, my artistic talent was one I overlooked for a long time, and now I'm using it to paint things with the same quality...

It's lovely painting with such a diluted medium because I feel like the works come across as more delicate, whispery and inviting - I felt quite drawn into the works while looking at them. I've said a few times that I often wanted my works to survive the brief glance and I feel like there is a beautiful sophistication to works that can accomplish this, without being too bright or bold or even large. I could even say there was a quiet confidence to it, a humility, and maybe if I work on this more as a person, this will be reflected more in my work.

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